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Grimes Legal Inc.

Global Legal Recruitment
Bowling Green, KY

As with every other facet of modern business, the competition for attracting premium legal talent is intense.  Because the success or failure of any firm is directly related to those entrusted to develop and execute its business, it is paramount that top talent be recruited at various levels within the organization.  Grimes Legal, Inc. (GLI) presents a unique approach among legal search firms, one which focuses on craftsmanship.  We cover all disciplines within legal placement, which gives us the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects.  To us, effective recruiting is truly an art.  It is the ability to be creative, to work outside the boxes which constrain others in our industry.  We have a devotion to Diversity Placement.  We relish the confidence our clients place in us to solve their recruitment needs.  We are particularly proud of the fact that when most companies cannot meet their hiring needs through their normal relationships with placement agencies, GLI can.  We are focused.  We seek to achieve a deep understanding of what both the client and the candidate want, then, through a targeted search, motivate otherwise happy candidates to move to these select locations.


At GLI, we understand that the work of those candidates we place will have lasting implications for our clients long after we complete our assignments.  That’s why we measure our success not just by the number of placements we make, but by the number of successful placements – those who remain with our clients long after we’ve introduced them.  GLI considers it part of the assignment to overcome any obstacles which separate the parties, whether they are financially or emotionally rooted.  For a full year after each successful placement, GLI conducts regular follow-up with both the client and candidate to ensure we have, in fact, performed the assignment successfully.


Unfailing tenacity in completing our assignments successfully with a sense of urgency…flexibility to act quickly on client needs while reacting to external market factors which influence our searches…pursuing our assignments with honesty, integrity and attention to detail…a passion for total client service; these are the traits which separate GLI from the mainstream.  We work with our clients as an integral team member – an indispensable resource for locating and recruiting the highest echelon of talent available to fill any given position, and as a viable extension of the client’s public relations effort.  Our unrelenting focus is the goal of constantly redefining the standards by which premium executive recruiting is conducted, without confinements, restrictions or formulas.


GLI utilizes its national presence to provide the client with both a snapshot of the local market (and the top caliber attorneys therein) and an in-depth view of the practice area on a national scale whereby to synergistically expand the practice in other locations.